The Benefits of Dancing

Physical Development


Moving safely, imaginatively and with confidence

Moving with bodily control, co-ordination, flexibility and balance

The development of spatial awareness

Dancing with props; developing manipulative skills

Experiencing a range of gross motor movements and fine motor movements

Keeping healthy - dance as part of a healthy lifestyle


Creative Development


Communicating ideas, thoughts and feelings non-verbally through movement

Using the imagination to create ideas, characters and narratives

Making movement responses


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Having an enjoyable, exciting and motivating time

Working individually, with a partner and as part of a group

Developing trust and co-operation

Selecting and using movement ideas independently and with others

Exploring feelings and views of self and others - including other cultures and beliefs

Accepting the moral code on which discipline and courtesy within the group is based

Interacting with a new social group


Communication, Language and Literacy Development


The use of sounds, music, words, poems, rhymes, texts and stories as stimuli for, and 

accompaniment to dance

The use of language to imagine and recreate roles and ideas in the dance

Interaction - negotiating plans and activities and developing conversational skills

Appreciation - talking about personal dance performance

Observation - talking about the dance performance of others

Developing a vocabulary of movement