Dance Class Fees

Steptac'D opens in January each year.  We also close for the school holidays so no classes will be given on these days unless otherwise specified


Every new dancer that enrols with Steptac'D pays an entry fee and then receives a dance tshirt with the dance school's logo and their name printed on the back


Entry Fees – R150


Dance Fees are payable upfront for each term


1 Item  – R480

2 Items – R680

3 Items – R780

4 Items – R880

Pre School Class – R580 (3 – 5 year)


Register for ClassesClass Schedules



Steptac'D is affiliated with the International Dance Federation.  Everything about the affiliated dance schools and dancers are given on their website ( 


Therefore every dancer must register on their website at a minimal cost of R50 per year


When we compete in competitions and exams, everything from the entries to the payments are done electronically through their website.


Once the dancer is registered with the International Dance Federation, he/she can compete in any event hosted by them