Are you looking for something different?


We offer wedding dance classes for couples from Hip-Hop to Slow Dance...from Two Step to the Waltz....



No two couples are the same, so we also tailor your dance to your skill and personality – making it easy to learn and remember, but also BIG on the WOW-factor!



Whether you want your fairy tale to start with a dance that is crazy and funky, or elegant and stylish, Steptac’D will have you dancing like the stars in no time



At Steptac’D we know that you have ONE chance to make your Special day a perfect and memorable one...and this is why we are here to assist you with that dream




 5 x 1 Hour = R1 500

10 x 1 Hour = R2 500


Prices include the following:

  The option amount of lessons chosen

  Choreography of your wedding dance

  CD with the pre-scribed music for you and your partner

AND LOTS OF FUN....!!!!!


For any other needs and queries regarding you special dance please feel free to fill in our Contact form and we will gladly email you with all the necessary information.